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Try Nothing

We always tried to dome something, but what if we try to do nothing. We just listen and observe.

From nothing we can create anything, not one thing, but many things. We just play, learn, create!

What if we are not held up by our current beliefs, but we let go to all the things we learned.

We can simply be nothing.

Nothing is the best place to start, you don't have to be smart, serious, fit a certain role, be the status quo, live up to beliefs from the past.

You can simply dance, play, build.

What would you do if anything is possible.

Try nothing.

Hey mind

A bicycle for the mind.

Explore your own mind, have conversations with philosophers and go back in time to reflect.

Try Nothing

Try Nothing

a beautiful chaos

a beautiful chaos

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past: invisibly

With Invisibly you can read articles from publications like The WSJ, MarketWatch, Miami Herald, Us Weekly, and more — in exchange for your data. Founded By Jim McKelvey (co-founder Sqaure)